Please see the below info on ordering anything off our stocklist.  If ordering fish food you can order directly through our site.

  • The easiest way to place an order is to message us through our Facebook business page: Cunningham Cichlids.  https://www.facebook.com/CunninghamCichlids

  • If you don't have Facebook, you can email us through the Contact Us on the home page or email us at josh@cunninghamcichlids.com.

  • Shipping cost depends on order size and can range from $35-$115, to give an accurate quote please provide us what you are interested in ordering at the time of inquiry.

  • You may also contact us at the phone number of 734-954-9131 to order as well.



  • Live arrival guarantee only applies to Southwest Air Cargo and UPS Overnight.

  • For Southwest Air Cargo shipments you will be provided an air bill number, flight number and estimated arrival time.

  • Buyer pays actual shipping cost, what it costs us it cost you. We do not charge box fees or other hidden fees for shipping. Please note, Delta or Southwest Air Cargo shipments are sent C.O.D. you will pay for shipping costs when you pick up your order.

  • For overnight shipments our main shipping days are Wednesday or Thursday, we do not ship overnight on Friday.

  • If a delivery is late due to the carrier or act of God ( i.e. weather, wreck, and so on), we will not honor the live arrival guarantee. Claims must be made to the carrier by the customer and we will provide you with any support you need for your claim.

  • Credit for DOAs will be issued in the form of credit towards future fish purchases. Credit is issued for DOA fish only, not shipping.

  • Air Cargo shipments must be picked up within 2 hours of arrival for Live Arrival guarantee to be in effect.