aristochromis christyi 

Scientific Name: Aristochromis christyi

Common Name(s): Malawi Hawk

Geo. Origin: Endemic to Lake Malawi and is found throughout the lake.

Habitat: Sediment-free rocky habitat or rock-sand interface

Diet: Carnivore

Gender Differences: Dimorphic

Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder

Behavior and Compatibility: A predatory species that should not be combined with tankmates it can fit into its capacious mouth. It can however be combined with similarly-sized fishes that appreciate comparable water conditions such as Dimidiochromis compressiceps, Fossorochromis Rostratus, and Champsochromis spp.. It’s largely a solitary species in nature and so should be kept as a single male specimen, or in a harem with one male and several females.

Maximum Size: 11"

Temperature: 78 - 82°F

pH: 7.8 - 8.6

Water Hardness: Hard

Difficulty: 2

Tank Size Requirement: 125 gallon tank or larger